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Construction Sites
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Multiple layers of accurate and informative data to fully grasp the potential and value of your new sites before planning and development starts.

Aerial Surveys

Mobile Mapping

Tow along GPR

360 degree videos

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Capturing accurate survey data is crucial for the success of highway construction projects.
We cover a wide range of services ranging from aerial data captured to mobile lidar and laser mapping.
We also provide bespoke 360-degree overview solutions that help you track progress, monitor construction - and keep accurate records all in one place.

⬢ Traditional TOPO Surveys

⬢ Mobile mapping

⬢ Tow along GPR Surveys

⬢ Aerial Surveys

⬢ Jetting and CCTV

⬢ 360 Degree Videos

⬢ Permanent survey control network

⬢ Survey related traffic management

⬢ Setting Out        

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We excel at mapping out complex construction sites, assisting the onsite team with accurate data accusations and delivering the data in formats compatible with your design and inspection software. Using 360-degree overviews, UAVs and multi sensor
aerial flyovers allows the inspection process to flow more smoothly, with real time feedback on progress as well as spotting potential issues that can be addressed immediately.

⬢ Traditional TOPO Surveys

⬢ Mobile mapping

⬢ Tow along GPR Surveys

⬢ Manual GPR Surveys

⬢ Aerial Surveys

⬢ Jetting and CCTV

⬢ As-built & Setting Out

Rivers and Water Courses.png

Rivers, Watercourses & Flood Mapping

From future flood defense, identifying the surface of a river and inspecting flood banks, utilizing both traditional and modern surveying methods we can assist in capturing the rich data for modeling out areas.

⬢ Bathymetric Surveys

⬢ Mobile Mapping

⬢ Traditional TOPO

⬢ 360 Degree Videos

⬢ As-built monitoring

⬢ Precondition survey

⬢ Aerial Surveys

Retail (1).png

Retail Premises

Capturing digital twin for future inspection, quotation and facility management can be invaluable for a retail industry, quickly access any of your shops, locate, measure and inspect instantly. Adding accurate geospatial data for further development and inspection solutions such as 360 video and rooftop inspections to ensure your premises are operating at full capacity.

⬢ Aerial Surveys

⬢ 360 Reality Capture

⬢ 360 Videos

⬢ GPR Surveys

⬢ Mobile Mapping

⬢ Setting Out

Underground Services (1).png

Drainage & Underground Services

Using tried and tested surveying techniques and procedures to capture the desired utility information.
This information is then offered in a range of bespoke products, including online layered drawings and interactive PDF's, that give greater functionality and usability throughout the life-cycle of the project.

⬢ Manual GPR

⬢ Tow along GPR

⬢ Traditional and TOPO Surveying

⬢ DURS Plans (Statutory Undertakers Plans)

⬢ Drainage Jetting and CCTV

Data Process

In-House Data Processing

Our specialists make sense of complex data captured during surveys, using a multitude of software and techniques -
each project is different.
This ensures that your team has access to all the information it needs for making informed decisions, planning future projects and carrying out existing ones.

⬢ General CAD Services

⬢ Vehicle Tracking and Swept pathway analysis 

⬢ Cut and fill balancing drawings

⬢ Image overlays 

⬢ Volumetrics 

⬢ Stockpile quantifying 

⬢ Material movement drawings

⬢ Design overlays

⬢ Online document delivery 

⬢ Cross sections and long sections 

⬢ Land sales pack including letter of reliance

⬢ Comparison of designs

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