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Let our
innovative approach help transform your survey needs

At GNS we listen, understand, innovate and deliver by utilising the most effective remote and physical surveying platforms, together with our carefully selected strategic partners.

With over 23 years' experience in the civil engineering industry, over 10 years' experience in the UAV industry and working with some of the biggest construction companies in the UK, we have a wealth of knowledge to call upon.

ROADWAYS (1).png

Safe, fast, complete and accurate data acquisition of roadways supports planning, design and no hidden costly surprises.

Construction Sites.png

Complete 3D data for when needed will help track construction progress and allow for quick decision making. Services like topographical mapping, aerial imagery, as-built monitoring and mobile mapping will provide valuable data to hand as and when needed.

Pre-Construction & Planning.png

Capturing quality and complete data in the early stage of any project, allows and supports good decision making. Small upfront investment will save massively in the long run.

Underground Services (1).png

Remote and/or manual data acquisition of drainage and underground services. 2D/3D drawings will allow for accurate decision making. CCTV 360 videos will be geo-referenced on our CAD deliverables.

Rivers and Water Courses.png

Underwater topography, silt thicknesses, flood areas and flood defences accurately surveyed will allow for accurate flood modelling.


Expert in-house industry experienced staff, combined with innovative software solutions, allows us to deliver exactly what you need - on a platform your staff will feel comfortable with.

Retail (1).png

Capturing an accurate virtual model of any premises allows for quick & efficient decision making. We supply services like reality capture, rooftop RGB/THERMAL surveys and our own inhouse developed Facility Management software.


We Take Pride in Our Numbers

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